I brought these for a friend and they’re lovely. She loved them too. The pictures are great and they would be a wonderful gift if you are looking for something different. Baby Milestone Cards - Purchased Through Etsy - Hanah Cleaver
I just can't believe how amazing it is and I am totally thrilled. I don't know how to put into words how much I love it. Thank you SO much Tom. teddybearsjourney comment on Instagram - pet portraits
I ordered two sets of Baby Milestone Cards and I love them! All important milestones your baby is going to experience in his/her first year are on them, decorated with beautiful drawings. Great quality too! A wonderful gift for a friend or family member as a baby shower gift or for your own baby on the way. Keep up the good work! Baby Milestone Cards - Purchased Through Etsy - lhoffminkenberg
Completely stunning! The illustrations are spot on and really bring life to the map. A special gift my daughter is sure to treasure!! New York City Map - Purchased Through Etsy - Kathleen Kilgore
I ordered a Freddie Mercury print as a present for my boyfriend - he absolutely loved it! Top quality work, very fair prices, and Tom is one of the nicest guys going Bev Gilyead Review on Facebook 
“My husband bought me not just one, but 3 of Tom’s prints, Bowie, Freddie and Cash, 3 of my favourite musicians of all time. I was so pleased to find Cash and not Elvis in his legends collection haha. Seriously though, I adore all three. The drawings are fantastic and so unique. The background colours and quotes all work perfectly. Thank you so much Tom for the best Christmas present ever!“
Sarah Wilson.