500 (Cinquecento)

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The little Fiat 500, is perfect for sprawling Italian cities and narrow street coastal villages. The Cinquecento, epitomises Italian style. Cool without trying - also known in Italy as Topolino or little mouse, it is tiny, 127 inches in length. My biggest size print at A2 is almost life size (just kidding), but it will certainly make as big an impact as if you had hung the real thing on your wall - and try framing that!

This hand drawn illustration is Giclee printed on 200gsm smooth matt paper in the UK. Giclee printing (pronounced Jhee-clay) is a printing method used to reproduce the vibrancy, colour and detail of the original artwork by using teeny tiny droplets of ink. 

My prints are supplied with a small additional unprinted border to make it easier to attach to a mount, but this print has a white border as part of the design. If you want your print trimmed to exact stated size please request this in the ‘instructions to seller’ box on the ‘Your Information’ page when checking out. 

Please note all room images are for illustration purposes only and some of my designs include a white border as part of the design.

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